Apex Legends Patch Notes Update

Skull Town has returned to Apex Legends, much to the delight of many gamers. However, Respawn has reminded gamers that the reintroduction of battle royale and Arenas is just temporary, and that they should enjoy it while it lasts during the Genesis Collection event.

For many Apex Legends gamers, it seems like home. On the original Kings Canyon, Skull Town was the spot to drop.

Players have been pleading with Respawn to bring back the POI since it was removed in Season 5 and replaced with Offshore Rig in an attempt to keep the game "new."

Skull Town returned not just as a POI on the original Kings Canyon map, which is presently in rotation, but also as an Arenas map, as part of the Genesis Collection event.

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However, there is a catch. Even as an Arenas map, the original hot drop will not last forever. Skull Town is just a one-time addition to the game, according to main level designer Dave ‘StryderPilot' Osei, who cites “tech limitations” as the reason for its absence.

“For the length of the Collection Event, Skull Town in Arenas will be available. When the event is over, it's over. He explained, "It may always come back later."

“At the moment, all BR [battle royale] Arena sites operate on the complete BR map. When matching, you may find that they take the slowest to load. During the development of Arenas, this saved a significant amount of time.”

Skull Town might become a permanent addition to Arenas if it becomes successful enough. However, it would necessitate Respawn to divert some of its devs away from future content, such as Season 10, in order to rework Skull Town into a full-fledged Arenas map.

“We'd have to find a method to keep Skull Town separate from OG Kings Canyon, which is also a limited-time map. This necessitates the involvement of other departments (art, QA, etc.), and they're all quite busy with future material. As a result, we decided to keep it small.”

On June 29, the Genesis Collection will launch, with the original Kings Canyon and World's Edge returning to the regular play rotation. Revenant's heirloom, as well as 24 related cosmetics, have been released.

The patch notes for Apex's next major update, Genesis Collection, were released on June 24. Inside, the dev team revealed that a new Arenas map, Skull Town, will be released soon, as well as a list of weapon and item pricing adjustments.

Aside from that, a number of weapons and legends have received buffs and nerfs for the patch, and Respawn has released a teaser revealing a number of new skins.

This may be good or terrible news depending on whatever Legend you play in-game, so let's look through the options.

Apex Legends event skins from the Genesis Collection

So, that about completes the list of new Apex Legends Genesis Collection skins set to be released in the mid-Season 9 update. This time around, apologies to Crypto, Octane, and other mains, as they don't appear to get a skin in the next fresh batch.

However, there is a Wattson skin that we don't yet had a good look at, and it's anticipated to join the fight with the Genesis update. For further information, visit https://akamsremoteconnect.org/apex-legends-patch-notes-update/.

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